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Gynectrol Pills is a natural supplement that has been designed to treat male Gynecomastia without surgery, which is a condition resulting in enlarged breast tissue on a male. This embarrassing condition is often put down to being overweight, however many men who are not overweight, including some that are extremely fit, also suffer from Gynecomastia. It is therefore not a weight related condition, but a medical one that is the result of overgrowth of the fatty breast tissue in men.

Although a problem that very few men are willing to talk about for fear of embarrassment gynecomastia or more commonly known as simply “man boobs” is a big problem for men who are unable to determine just why their breasts are shaped more like a woman’s than a male’s. It is thought that up to one third of all men suffer from this condition in some form, ranging from the very mild to the extremely severe.

Where excess weight is not the issue, the medical condition Gynecomastia can be diagnosed. But curing this condition is not necessarily straightforward. Many men opt for cosmetic surgery, but the potential complications can be concerning, and the cost a little high for many men to bear.

One alternative that many men have considered is a product called Gynectrol by Crazy Bulk. We’ve taken a look at Gynectrol to find out just what it is and how it works, and whether it is effective and safe for men who suffer from the distressing condition called gynecomastia.


Gynectrol targets the exact problem: the subcutaneous fatty cells in the man’s mammary glands. It is these cells that have grown beyond their normal range in men who have this condition. Crazybulk’s, the company behind Gynectrol state that their formula has shown to be able to reduce both the quantity and the size of these fatty cells, thus reducing the overall size of the male’s breasts.

It can take around two to three weeks to start noticing changes, according to the manufacturer’s description of the product. Most men will first notice a reduction of fat around their abdomen as a result of taking Gynectrol, before they start noticing their breasts shrink in size. This is a sign that the supplement is working as it should.

The company states that the maximum number of Gynectrol pills that should be taken per day is two. Additionally, people who are currently taking any prescription medications are advised to consult their doctor before starting consume Gynectrol. Individuals who have certain medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, liver or thyroid problems should also speak with their physician first.

The ingredients in this gynecomastia pills include a number of natural extracts and compounds. Picolinate (or chromium) as well as a proprietary Gynectrol blend make up the main active ingredients. Additional natural ingredients include plant resin (guggulsterones), the fruit extract Theobromine cacao, green tea extract, caffeine and sclareolides seed.

Gynectrol has been created for men who want to get rid of their “man boobs” without resorting to invasive and potentially risky surgical procedures. Being a natural supplement, Gynectrol is unlikely to cause any side effects in the vast majority of healthy people.

Gynectrol aims to target the cause of gynecomastia – the enlarged and too numerous mammary fatty cells – so can effectively treat the problem at the source. The positive testimonials coming from men who have seen success with this product are very encouraging.

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Testo Max: Natural Testosterone Booster without Side Effects on Males and Females

Testo Max by Crazybulk, safe supplements that help increased testosterone levels with proven results.

A considerable number of fitness enthusiasts, who are keen about improving their fitness level have a tendency of gravitating towards using supplements that enhance their sexual drive. These enhancements perk up sexual rating and restore libido. Not only men can use this supplement, but also women too can savour the benefits of using the enhancement. However, there are testosterone booster side effects. Here is a list of few of them.


If you are using the supplement, you may experience some behavioral pattern change. This is more so if you are a man. Naturally, men tend to have an affinity for aggression. Too much usage of the enhancement may push you towards hot tempers, rage, and irritability. Conversely, if you notice the sudden change in your aggression pattern or experience similar symptoms, it is advisable to check for alternatives and seek for medical help.

Liver Damage
If you have been using testosterone enhancement especially without a doctor’s prescription, you may face liver damage. When enhancement is taken in compound steroid form, the danger becomes more pronounced. If you already have liver conditions, it is better to check with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Normally, the secretion of testosterone in our bodies is connected to the reproductive system. If you have been using sex drive supplements excessively, there are chances of the enhancement interfering with the normal body conditions that favor sperm production. Again uncontrolled use of the dietary supplement can have adverse effects on the prostate gland. This can lead to urinary complications.

The usage of the extract can see you be at the risk of inflaming the possibility of prostate cancer. It is advisable to have a prostrate screen test before you start using the enhancement, or if you are thinking of doubling your usual intake. This will go a long way in ensuring that you stay healthy and safe from illness.

Uneven Muscle Growth
Whereas there is a belief that testosterone could be beneficial for building body muscle, increased use can lead to abnormal muscle growth. You can also suffer from torn muscles tissue, and rupturing of tendons.

Other Effects
There are other testosterone booster side effects, which you may suffer with prolonged usage of the supplement. These include: balding, skin irritation, and acne. Overall, these effects can be avoided if you follow the doctor’s instructions, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

One of the recommended testosterone boosters is Testo Max from Crazy Bulk. It only contains all-natural ingredients and there are no side effects being reported from using this natural testosterone supplement. More details about Testo Max Reviews can be found here:

Testosterone As A Muscle Booster, Does it Work?

Testosterone is the primary hormone that is responsible for doing the heavy lifting, when it comes to muscle building in the human body. Other than playing the muscle booster role, the hormone plays a major role in speeding up muscle development, red blood cell production, and helps in body tissue repair. The hormone is also a key component in the breakup of body fats, which are turned into energy needed for muscle build up.

Testosterone As A Muscle Booster Does it Work

Most people who head out to the gym with the intention of adding up some crucial muscles know it is more than crucial to have the right testosterone levels, so as to achieve results in the shortest time possible. This revelation makes it prudent for any person who has no idea on how to get a bulging body. There are various ways that you can employ to make this dream come true. If you want to maximize on the advantages of having the right amount of this hormone, you can turn to taking supplements that stimulate your body to produce more testosterone.

It is possible to have a lot of testosterone going through your system, but you don’t get anywhere regardless of being active in the gym. Sometimes testosterone is bound by other compounds that aid sex hormones, thus making the testosterone unavailable for muscle development. Here, you can add alternatives that push your body organs to secrete more of this hormone. This is where you need to look for multi-purpose supplement. These push your body into producing more of the hormone to aid in tissue building.

If you get additional alternatives to help in the natural muscle building process, you will increase the chances of getting more body muscle and mass. Consider taking the supplement with multivitamin doses. This will revitalize your nutritional state, making it possible for more testosterone production.

Other supplements that will assist in the muscle building process should be considered. Taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral will help provide your body with the nutrients you need to produce testosterone. Organic acids such as creatine are crucial in boosting muscle strength. If you get extra protein sources and supplements, you will enhance your body’s production of testosterone and consequently more muscle build. Remember the production of testosterone is sustained through a constant intake of balanced meals on a strict schedule. Consider keeping of stress, if you expect testosterone as a muscle booster to work for you.

What to Know with HGH Supplements

You probably have heard of the term HGH. This stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is often used when people are talking about health and beauty. Because it is often related to health and beauty, many are getting curious about it and with curiosity, people will eventually know more about it until they try it for themselves.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH is of course a hormone. Since it is a hormone, it further means that it is natural. The secretion of this hormone happens in the pituitary gland in our head. People get the secretion of this hormone since they are young. This is what gives them the ability to grow.

What are the Effects of Human Growth Hormone?

As to its effects, there are many that can be discussed. However, for the purpose of keeping it simple, the main effect of HGH is to regenerate cells and thereby result to three things. These three things are as follows:

  • Beautiful Skin
  • High Energy
  • Fast Recovery after Disease

Production of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormones are produced in the pituitary glands as stated earlier. However, the production is not unlimited. The older the person goes, the lesser the production is. In fact, studies have shown that there is a 14% decrease of HGH production every ten years. This means that at the age of 50, more than half of the production have been lost.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements


Man always wanted to stay young ever since. There are very few in this would who would want to grow old and wax cold. Most would want to stay young and beautiful forever. This is why in the ancient world; there is a search for the substance called as the elixir of life. The bad news is, until now, their search is in vain.

It is good to know however that their search have borne fruits, no matter how small it is, and this is with the reproduction of HGH in supplements form. In other words, if a person grows old and produces less HGH, then there is are HGH supplements that can help get back the needed regeneration of the cells.

What to Know with HGH Supplements

As you now know that there are supplements for HGH, you must hold your excitement because it is important to know first how to choose which brand to buy. Choosing the wrong kind will give you nothing in effect.

First of all, you must choose the one that has 30x dilution on the label. This is the proper dosage for anyone so the effects can be seen. Anything lower than that and there will be no effects.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that HGH is contained in the substance, not just ingredients that form HGH. The HGH substance itself must be on the supplement you take or else it is not real.

Lastly, make sure that it has been produced in laboratories approved by the FDA. You can all check this on the label to be sure.

Human Growth Hormones: The Best Anti-Aging Products

People say that Nicolas Cage is a vampire. Their ground in saying this is the fact that he does not seem to age. They also say the same thing with the rock star Bon Jovi. In fact, with Bon Jovi, the only thing that changes on his appearance is his hair. So are they really real life vampires? For sure they are not but there is a big possibility that they are using effective anti-aging products.

To date, there are many anti-aging products available in the market. It has grown so large an industry that many are even producing fake products just to take advantage of the need and desire of people to look and feel young and believe it or not, some of these fake products prosper.

Kinds of Anti-Aging Products

Examples-of-HGH-Supplements-Products Different kinds of products, different kinds of forms, make up a good list for people who are trying to find the best age suppressor for them. Some products are in the form of creams which you apply on the face. They will contain vitamins and minerals needed to keep the skin glow and thereby appear youthful. Other products will have ingredients like the antioxidants which antioxidants have the function to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Of course, there are also products with retinol and sunscreen and many more.

Among all these different types of anti-aging products, there is one that will always stand out when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. This product is the HGH supplement.

What is the HGH Supplement?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormones. It is the hormone responsible to help people feel and look like in their prime age. These are the hormones abundantly secreted in the pituitary gland during the younger years of a person. As time goes by, the secretion of this hormone will decrease. It decreases in the rate of 14% every ten years making you loose more than half of what the pituitary gland produces when you reach the age of 50.

As you can see, the duty now of the HGH supplements is to “supply” HGH on the system even after the decrease in production. Intake of these supplements will produce to a younger looking, and a younger feeling you. Many speculations even say that this is the secret to the beauty of Hollywood actors and actresses.

If the list of anti-aging products is slimmed down to just HGH supplements, then there are only a handful of brands that will live to what people expects of them. One example of a brand is the HGH Somatropinne. It is a brand approved by the FDA and one that does not have any side effects. They would even vouch for money back if the supplements will not work.

Everybody wants to stay young. The reason why they want to is very obvious. Being young is not just a matter of age; it is also a matter of how you feel and how you look.